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Quality light is THE number one ingredient to good photography; the ability to use it well makes all the difference between mediocre and terrific photography.

Gary’s simple lighting demonstrations are presented in a down to earth, easy to understand, informal manner in which all are invited to participate. These demonstrations offer lighting theory and ideas which apply equally to serious photography enthusiasts with a desire to photograph their families/friends/pets or personal projects, as well as to photographers with a desire to work within the photographic field. The core lesson is spontaneous, thoughtful and creative uses of existing or natural light, using a wide variety of simple methods.
In addition, Gary will demonstrate good use of a ONE simple strobe, often used in a non-traditional yet simple manner, to better create supplemental flash fill lighting which is natural and flattering. Once you learn to utilize the light you have or create the light you want, you will quickly see the universal possibilities for consistently creating an appealing aesthetic – anywhere, anytime.

Swamp Dog’s Simple Lighting Solutions workshop will expose you to a variety of effective and useful techniques professional photographers use when working with natural or existing light, as well a variety of simple methods for using small hot–shoe mounted strobes to create interesting light with attitude.

This workshop will be conducted in a natural light studio location, where you’ll enjoy the benefit of large windows offering afternoon sunshine to play with. You’ll learn to manipulate light using blackout curtains, makeshift gear, as well as commercial diffusers/reflectors and other widely available modifying tools.

Once natural light methods have been explored, you will learn to use a simple, hot-shoe mounted strobe – on or off camera. This is a vital counterpart to supplementing natural light for optimum results, since the quality of existing light is often poor. Gary will demonstrate how to use a single Canon strobe to make dozens of successful and interestingly lit photographs, as he has in the past for significant national clients.

Additionally, Gary will address practical aspects of how professionals plan for light, including; what he never travels without and how to avoid hauling a ton equipment vs. using existing light for a successful job.

Many of Gary’s indoor lighting techniques apply equally to natural light outdoors, so this workshop will equally benefit natural light photographers as well as studio photographers.

This workshop is a rare invitation to a place most bread & butter photographers fiercely guard – the room with all the answers, tricks and techniques top pros rarely reveal.

If you want to make money or simply grow as a photographer, invest in your future by attending Swamp Dog workshops – it’s the fastest way to get you there!

Let Gary help you master the light!

Lighting Solutions in Swansons Cafe

Borelli Cats with Gary's Simple Lighting Solutions

Tabula Rachelle on Lighting Solution Photograph

Scott Vanstone

Gunnar with two women

Russian Toy Terrier - Carol Bailey

Forest Porcupine - SF stairs


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