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Gary is renowned worldwide for his pet photography, specifically cats & dogs for major advertising, packaging and marketing for national advertising agencies. Gary found his way to this position by shooting every cat and dog he ever encountered throughout his career, just for fun, for years with no idea he might some day be one of the country’s most prolific and published cat and dog photographers.

Gary’s rise to this level illustrates the old adage, “Shoot what you love long enough and well enough and someone will eventually hire you to shoot what you love.” Gary will conduct Pet Photography workshops directed at reasonably serious amateurs who simply enjoy photographing their own or friend’s pets, as well as for aspiring pros and professional pet photographers who feel a need to enhance their skills with some of Gary’s pet tricks.

Gary’s pet photography ranges from existing light to a single on-camera strobe used creatively to major lighting setups for some of the world’s largest pet food clients, as well as local private and business clients who use pets in their marketing materials. Pet photography is a niche in the advertising world as there is much to know in order to create unique, compelling photographs of cats & dogs.

Borelli cats

Alsatian Dingo running fierce

American Bulldog Davenport


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