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Natural World: The Holy Redwoods

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To say Gary is intimately familiar with the locations of many groves of giant coastal redwoods, the world’s most massive living things, is an understatement. Gary’s love of these almost “holy” trees is so extreme, “the redwoods feel like my church.” Gary’s explorations deep within the redwood forests often include visits to specific gigantic trees over 2000 years old, some of which are rarely seen, since they are off the beaten path. These awe-inspiring trees tower as high as 350′ and are as wide as 20′ – or more. During Gary’s Redwoods Workshops, you will be lead to almost magical environments where you will make inspiring landscape photographs, whether those images are grand landscapes, intimate tightly composed details or macro imagery, based on your own preference. These workshops are designed for professional photographers, aspiring photographers and intermediate to advanced hobbyists. The only requirement is a basic working knowledge of your camera and big enthusiasm for the natural wonders of this world.

Gary’s inborn love of landscapes and nature have lead to his working with prominent Travel magazines, both on staff and as a freelance contract photographer. This experience uniquely qualities Gary to help you learn to adapt to changing light, shooting in early/late morning sun or overcast within whatever unpredictable conditions present themselves. Focusing on landscapes and environments, angles, design and composition, Gary’s contagious energy will help you develop your own passion . If you wonder “What should I shoot?” you can bet Gary will help you learn to SEE the many possibilities which surround you, in his friendly, down home manner.

Within the realm of landscapes and nature, Gary encourages the inclusion of people and animals, when appropriate, as a means of adding scale and perspective.

After the workshops, selected student images will be featured on Gary Parker’s SwampDog blog (

Gary Parker in Redwoods


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