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Right in Your Own Backyard

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Learning to SEE great photographs anywhere…

Right in Your Own Backyard is Gary’s method of teaching you how to find interesting to even amazing photographs literally or figuratively right in your own backyard. This workshop might be called “learning the art of seeing and discovering compelling imagery wherever you are,” a learning experience which applies to both photographs you make for fun and even professional photography where it is necessary to SEE interesting imagery within any given assignment scenario. Gary has proven again and again that great images are literally anywhere you happen to be at a given moment, IF you consciously train yourself to pursue learning to recognize photographic possibilities some photographers fail to recognize. Your own backyard might literally be your backyard, a local park, the beach, the redwoods or any reasonably local place you may end up on a given weekend.

Gary is well known for his love of ALL visual imagery so this photography workshop is aimed at serious photographers who enjoy all varieties of interesting photography. Gary uses his deep and varied experience at being able to find photographs anywhere – as he was required to do on deadline during his years as a staff photojournalist and contract Travel photographer for magazines – to teach you how to better see the visual possibilities which surround you. Gary will demonstrate the possibilities by showing you a remarkable variety of photographs literally made in his own backyard, as well as on local excursions.

By “backyard” Gary is speaking figuratively. In Northern California we are incredibly fortunate to have spectacular natural wonders and thousands of activities right here in our own Bay Area backyard, considering natural wonders like the spectacular Pacific, the humbling and inspiring giant redwoods, the awesome Sierras, Lake Tahoe, Monterey, Yosemite and about a million other places you might end up on the weekend.

This photography workshop will literally be held in a backyard where Gary will point out dozens of general photographic possibilities, visual discoveries that exist everywhere when you are trained to see them. This Workshop demonstrates what Gary believes as the fact you do not have to go anywhere at all to make interesting images viewers and fans of your work respond to positively. Much of success at general photography – making cool pictures you like – is in consciously seeking a different, perhaps closer view of the world around us.

Realizing great photographs are literally everywhere can be an eye-opening revelation since we are often conditioned to think to make pictures only when going on vacation or doing something extraordinary, perhaps making pictures at a special event. Yet it’s a provable fact it is not necessary to attend events or travel to create wonderful imagery. Even small backyards – actual small backyards – can be great spots for creating dozens of cool images while our extended Bay Area backyard is loaded beyond belief.

“Right in Your Own Backyard” Photography Workshops will be held in a local Bay Area backyard, at times even in Gary’s own backyard, landscaped as an outdoor studio.

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    Did you ever wonder where pro photographers go when they have questions?
    I’m a shooter whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and Time magazine. I’ve published a book on NASCAR and have a gallery show hanging at the Pentagon.
    Even with 30 years of experience I still run across problems I can¹t figure out. When that happens I call one guy: ­ Gary Parker. Plain and simple, he¹s the one for lighting and Photoshop questions.
    I first met Gary when we were both newspaper Photojournalists and he showed me how to use my first flash meter. Since that time there have been tons of questions but somehow Gary always seems to have the answer.

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