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Gary has been coaching and mentoring photographers for years on both a personal level and as staff coach for large photographic entities coast to coast. Gary shares specific techniques and philosophy’s in numerous areas of photography based on your specific interests.

Services include,

  • Photographic consulting.
  • Portfolio critiques.
  • Portfolio development.
  • Portfolio editing.
  • Lighting instruction and techniques.
  • Connecting with your subject.
  • Learning how to “see” creatively.
  • Customized, private individual workshops and instruction.

Contact Gary directly to discuss your specific needs at: [email protected]

Why waste your time on a Life Coach when a Photographic Life Coach is all you really need? It’s all about photography, right? As far as “life” coach, well, photography pretty much is the keen observation of life…

Photographic life coaching is for amateur or professional photographers, and is intended to up-your-game, no matter your visual interests. Gary offers individual mentoring and personal hands-on instruction for photographers seeking to improve creative, technical and seeing skills in any area of photography. From general portfolio development to specific photographic niche focus, always with emphasis on great light existing or introduced, Gary can help you create a killer portfolio and hone in your photographic skills. Gary will work with you in person or by phone, and with email, always with a constructive, helpful spirit. Gary firmly believes in positive, optimistic critique.

Gary has mentored and coached professional and aspiring photographers for decades, assisting numerous successful professionals find their focus and career. It is common for photographers to be so close to their own work that the eye and insights of an experienced working professional – one who has actually worked in the field at the highest level on a daily basis for beyond 30 years – can be incredibly revealing, enlightening and helpful. Gary’s simple philosophies have resulted in six figure assignments in both advertising and corporate photography – based on solid technique, photographic education, obsession with photography and his special gifts – uniquely qualify this real-deal working pro to help you further develop your portfolio and photographic skills, regardless of your level of expertise.

$200/hourly – contact Gary directly to discuss your specific needs at: [email protected]

Photographic Consulting and Mentoring

Photographic coach, teacher and mentor… Gary will help you reach your goals, give you tips and teach you in any area you need assistance, using his versatile expertise to guide you. Gary will personally assist by suggesting methods, techniques and ideas about portfolio content based on your objectives in photography. Regardless of your focus, Gary is knowledgeable in a vast array of photographic specialities after thousands of assignments for clients and publications across America and the world. Professional photography is all about solving visual problems for clients. As a coach & mentor, Gary is here to help you solve your own visual issues so you can create a killer portfolio or improve in any area.

Lighting Specialist

In the past getting a real dues-paid pro to teach you lighting – on an ongoing basis – was impossible. Hard to find lighting classes were often taught by textbook-instructors rather than professional lighting experts, so learning light in a deep manner was next to impossible. Now you have a top pro ready to share simple to highly advanced lighting technique on an ongoing basis. Gary has trained professionals and serious amateurs on lighting across America. Basic areas include studio and location lighting of people, simple and advanced, environmental portraits, large scope lighting for ads on any subject and any other scenario requiring advanced lighting skills of people, product and places.

Extreme Versatility

Rather than specializing in one area of photography, Gary has specialized in becoming the most versatile photographer around, fully preparing him to teach real world problem-solving photography in a variety of photographic “niche” areas.  Read More

Darkroom to Digital Imaging

With 25 years of high level black & white and color darkroom experience, Gary is a genuine expert at what a great image must look like in order to be highly effective. Read More

What Client’s Say

Did you ever wonder where pro photographers go when they have questions?
I’m a shooter whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and Time magazine. I’ve published a book on NASCAR and have a gallery show hanging at the Pentagon.
Even with 30 years of experience I still run across problems I can¹t figure out. When that happens I call one guy: ­ Gary Parker. Plain and simple, he¹s the one for lighting and Photoshop questions.
I first met Gary when we were both newspaper Photojournalists and he showed me how to use my first flash meter. Since that time there have been tons of questions but somehow Gary always seems to have the answer.
Scott Robinson, Scott Robinson Photo