Welcome To Gary Parker’s Swamp Dog Photography Workshops

Portrait of Gary ParkerIf you’re serious about photography as an enjoyable artistic hobby, as someone with a photographic project in mind, as a semi-professional or even as a working pro who feels you could use new inspiration in your photography, Swamp Dog Photography Workshops offers something fun for just about everyone interested in creating compelling, professional images. Swamp Dog’s primary emphasis is on teaching students of all levels the joy of seeing, capturing and documenting your life and all you experience.

Swamp Dog Photography Workshops presents this rare opportunity to work with and learn directly from Gary Parker, one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most versatile and awarded editorial, advertising and corporate photographers.

Known for his special expertise in the area of lighting – which Gary points out applies to all photography, including existing light – Gary is known for his exuberance and almost childlike excitement about SEEING and capturing images, in every aspect of life, in many cases reactively/spontaneously, or with calculation, depending on circumstance, on or off assignment. Gary’s photography has always been the result of living an all-consuming photographic lifestyle.

Gary offers both general topic small group and custom workshops, individualized workshops based on level of experience andyour specific areas of interest, as well as portfolio consultations and suggestions/critique of your work as you and Gary feel would be good for you. Gary’s goal is to increase your general photographic skills in any area of photography, at the location of your choice or in one of his upcoming workshops.

Name a photographic topic, any topic! No matter what niche you named, it’s entirely likely Gary has worked within that area at a high level due to his early-career attitude that he must become the most versatile photographer around, for fear he might encounter an assignment he couldn’t accomplish – and maybe his first DOP might fire him… (phew… didn’t happen…) Gary began as a hardcore photojournalist using lots of existing light, a skill he continues to embrace, yet while quickly realizing the key to ALL good photography is lighting.His mission for years has been to learn to use strobes and other existing light in any scenario whether it be on location, in-studio, a small room or coliseum. Seeing the light is key in Gary’s work and instruction.

Over the years many successful photographers began as an assistant to Gary, assisting and observing as he flew off to shoot dogs in North Carolina or printing presses in Omaha, or as he transformed Silicon Valley conference rooms into, at times, a location lighting Wonderland, photographing a who’s who list of executives for magazines, annual reports and corporate collateral.

Skim through either of Gary’s working websites – GaryParker.com – or his pet and animal photography website – CatDogPhotography.com – to discover why you’ll benefit from hanging out privately or in a group with Gary at one or more of his workshops. Gary will personally work with you by discussing your goals and ideas about photography.

Swamp Dog Photography Workshops gives you the rare opportunity to work up-close with an information-filled real-deal working professional photographer, a guy who began in staff Photojournalism over 30 years ago, plans to retire at 85 and is a creative inspiration to numerous working photographers whose careers he has influenced. Though Gary’s focus is ordinarily intently glued to the current photographic project of the moment, this is your chance to become Gary Parker’s client where his creative motivation is aimed squarely at helping you develop skills with his down home, “aint in the book” bag of tricks, tips and techniques, along with an idea or two about the motivational philosophies necessary to embrace and maintain enthusiasm for the world’s coolest hobby or career!

Who Is Swamp Dog?

About Swamp Dog
Swamp Dog – aka photographer/writer/director Gary Parker. My personae may alternate between that of Gary Parker, the photographer, and Swamp Dog, the wise and even visionary old photo dog who, though illusive, is compadre and soul mate of this photographer who has lived and breathed photography for decades, and has still maintained the joy of an enthusiastic kid.
Check out my portfolio at http://www.garyparker.com
    • Pulitzer Prize – San Jose Mercury News
    • Twice national Newspaper Photographer of the Year
    • Southern Photographer of the Year
    • Lectures & lighting demos coast to coast at professional seminars & workshops; lectures & advises professional and amateur photographic organizations
    • Advertising Awards / Communication Arts/ Luerzer’s Archive
    • Contributing Writer – Yahoo Y! Travel Photo of the Week
    • Southern Living Magazine & related pubs – Staff Travel Photographer
    • Sunset Magazine & books – Travel/Food/Gardens Photographer / Oxmoor House Books / Time Life Books
    • West Magazine – Staff photographer & staff lighting instructor
    • EE Times / Information Week – Contract photographer
    • Corporate photography of Silicon Valley Geniuses & Gurus
    • Pet Photography of Cats & Dogs for national advertising & packaging
    • Little People of America – Honorary Lifetime Member for creating the world’s largest collection of dwarfism photography (pro bono)

What Client’s Say

I’ve been into photography since 1965 and shooting professionally on and off since 1986 (www.freelancewriterphotographer.com). I have to say that your work has humbled me and given me an urge to strive to do much better than I have done. It is quite brilliant.
I have poured through every book of photographs by every famous—or not-so-famous, photographer—and been inspired by many but it’s a long time since I have seen work that really inspired me and made me want to start over, but your photos had that effect.
So thanks. Just wanted to let you know. I”m sure you have had all the praise you could wish for so this is more of a personal acknowledgment.
David Phillips