Gary is an unbelievably skilled shooter and expert with fast action, spontaneity, and great light.
You could throw Gary into a dark room with a candle, a match, a black cat and a camera, and he’d come out with a killer shot. With many years of experience, countless awards including a Pulitzer, Fortune 100 clients, and a hawk eye for anything that moves, or doesn’t move, Gary is the perfect shooter to be giving workshops. He is energetic, athletic, entertaining, and he just can’t sit still. I’d recommend Gary’s workshop to anyone who wants to learn the photography ropes – ALL the ropes – and how to climb them by learning from the best.
George Fulton, Past National President, American Photographic Artists

These photography lighting workshops offer a rare invitation to learn what most serious professional photographers fiercely guard – the answers, tricks and techniques top pros rarely reveal.

Hi everybody! Thanks for visiting Swamp Dog Photography Workshops!

I’m Gary Parker, a Photojournalist and Corporate & Advertising photographer with over 30 years’ experience as a professional photographer. My specialties are Photojournalism, Commercial photography, and Photography Lighting. My greatest asset as an artist is my ability to resolve visual problems through light mastery.

Launching Swamp Dog Photography Workshops has been a long time dream of mine. My goal is to share my depth of experience directly with you as your own personal professional mentor and workshop leader. You will get all the tips, techniques and more than a few tricks to improve your photography, regardless of your level of experience.

Years of trouble-shooting on the job for high level publications, national advertising and corporate clients have taught me invaluable lessons that ought to be taught, and now will be!

If you want to become a better photographer, allow me to show you how!

5.21.13: Popular photo blogger Ron Martinsen hypes Gary’s workshop launch!

Gary Parker with Pups

Gary on a recent photojournalistic pet shoot of American Alsatians puppies / April 2013

If you want to make money or simply grow as a photographer, invest in your future by attending Swamp Dog workshops – it’s the fastest way to get you there!

Accolades and experience:

  • Pulitzer Prize as a staff photographer for the San Jose Mercury News / Staff Photography Coach & Lighting Specialist
  • Twice a National Newspaper Photographer of the Year
  • Southern Photographer of the Year
  • Staff photographer for West Magazine for 10 years, photographing everything from fashion to professional football
  • Over 200 magazine covers throughout the years
  • Freelance national Advertising photographer in the Cat & Dog field, shooting ad and packaging campaigns for the largest national clients
  • Magazine freelancer for publications across America, often technology magazines in Silicon Valley or magazines featuring movers and shakers of the area
  • Short client list includes: Apple, Cisco, Purina, Milk Bone, Nestle, Nvidia, IBM, Intel, etc…
  • Photo of the Week columnist for

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Next Workshop

Simple Lighting Solutions
Willow Glen Community Center

Learn how a top pro creatively uses a single, hot shoe-mounted strobe to make dozens of successful and interestingly lit photographs for significant national and Silicon Valley clients, as well as advanced lighting using multiple off-camera strobes with calculation or, as is often the case on important photo assignments, in a rush – reactively. Learning lighting is critically important for photographing professional or semi-professional shoots but also for mastering photography of your life and hobbies: kids, pets, friends, your travels, etc. Read more…

What Client’s Say

Did you ever wonder where pro photographers go when they have questions?
I’m a shooter whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, and Time magazine. I’ve published a book on NASCAR and have a gallery show hanging at the Pentagon.
Even with 30 years of experience I still run across problems I can¹t figure out. When that happens I call one guy­ Gary Parker. Plain and simple he¹s the one for lighting and Photoshop questions.
I first met Gary when we were both newspaper photographers and he showed me how to use my first flash meter. Since that time there have been tons of questions but somehow Gary seems to have always know the answer.
Scott Robinson, Scott Robinson Photo